Saturday, August 12, 2017

Zainab Ansell a star among the Top 100 women in Tourism Africa

We take this very moment from the bottom of our hearts, as Zara teams and its members board of directors, we give our heartfelt thanks to those who participated to vote for Mama Zara in the women forum as one among the top 100 women in tourism, thanks itself can't express how grateful we are. Thank you so much to all friends and family for taking your precious time to make this happen!!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Special OFFER - Marangu 5-Day Route

It is referred to as the tourist route because of services available on the way to the summit. Unlike other routes, it is relatively easy, has low success rate because many unfit people attempt Kili trek via this route and fail, it is a popular route and accommodation is in huts. It is preferred by many trekkers. It is also beautiful. It is the easiest and shortest route. Ascent and descent are done on the same path.

Arrive at the Kilimanjaro International Airport, pick up and transferred to the Springlands Hotel or similar for overnight bed and breakfast.

Altitude: 1,830 m - 2,700 m
Hiking distance: 11 km
Hiking time: 4-5 hours
Leave Moshi town and drive for about 45 minutes to Marangu Gate on the eastern side of Kilimanjaro. Do the necessary paperwork at the park gate such as registrations. Begin hiking through the rainforest from the park gate to Mandara Hut. Stop half way for lunch. A side trip to Maundi Crater (about 15 minutes away) is a good way to see the surroundings as well as views of Kenya and Northern Tanzania. Bathrooms are available with running water.

Altitude: 2,700 m – 3,720 m
Hiking distance: 10 km
Hiking time: 5–6 hours
Wake to breakfast and pack for the next leg. Hike to Horombo Huts. You travel through lower heath land with small shrubs being the main vegetation. Stop half way for lunch. Views of Mawenzi are amazing. The summit of Kibo can be seen from Horombo Huts. Arrive Horombo Huts, unpack and prepare for dinner. Bathrooms are available with running water.

Altitude: 3,720 m – 4,700 m
Hiking distance: 10 km
Hiking time: 6–7 hours
Wake to breakfast as usual (if you wake before sunup you can get some great photos of the sunrise). Pack and begin the hike to Kibo Hut. The first half of the day’s hike traverses the upper heath land while the second half crosses the vast saddle that connects Mawenzi and Kibo. The saddle is an alpine desert that resembles a lunar landscape. Be careful to notice signs of altitude sickness. No running water at Kibo Huts.

Altitude: 4,700 m – 5, 895 m – 3,720 m
Hiking distance: 16 km
Hiking time: 15+ hours
Wake at around midnight to a light breakfast, and then prepare for the summit ascent. This part of the hike is carried out during the early morning before dawn so that the climbers reach Uhuru Peak at around sunrise. Leave at about 1:00 am and reach Gilman’s Point at about 7:00 am. The climbers are met with views of the crater from Gilman’s Point because it is on the Crater Rim. Another 2 hours of hiking brings the climber to Uhuru Peak, the summit. From there you will descend back to Kibo Hut, collect your things and cross the saddle again at Horombo Hut where you will spend the night. Enjoy dinner and get some well-deserved sleep.

Altitude: 3,720 m – 2,700 m
Hiking distance: 18 km
Hiking time: 6-7 hours
Wake, as usual, pack and descend to Mandara Hut. Take lunch there and continue on to the park gate where you will be met by your transport back to Moshi. Continue on to the park gate where you will be met by your transport back to Moshi. Overnight in Springlands hotel. Tips is recommended and highly appreciated and can be given to the Guide at Springlands Hotel. This is also where successful climbers receive their summit certificates. Those climbers who reached Stella Point (5685m) are issued with green certificates and those who reached Uhuru Peak (5895m) receive gold certificates.

After an early breakfast, transfer to Kilimanjaro airport for your departure flight back home.

2 – 5 persons - US$1380
6 – 10 persons - US$1335
11th Person ( Tour Leader) Rate / 5- Day climb – US$ 961
Children younger than 15 years of age qualify for a 30% discount


•1 Person rate (private climb) is based on a single climber with his/her mountain crew
•1 Person rate (join other climbers) – this rate is subject to ZARA being able to confirm that it is possible to join other climbers
•11th Person rate – every 11th person in a group will qualify for this discounted rate (In order to qualify for this rate people need to book together as a group).
•All climbing rates quoted are based on a per person rate.

•Two nights accommodation at the Springlands Hotel in Moshi (before and after the climb)
•First night includes breakfast
•Last night includes dinner with a choice of 1 drink (soda or beer) & breakfast
•Return transportation from Moshi to/from the starting/finishing point on the mountain
•Qualified guides with mountain crew
•National park fees
•Hut accommodation
•Cutlery / Crockery / Eating utensils
•Rescue fees
•Pulse oximeters
•First aid kit
•Guides, porters, cook, waiter salaries
•Boiled water on the mountain
•All meals on the mountain (breakfast, lunch & dinner)
•Guides, porters, waiter, cook accommodation and entry fees on the mountain

•Single rooms supplement at Springlands Hotel (except on the 1 person rate)
•Airport transfers
•Guides, Porters, Cook & Waiters tips
•Meals and drinks not specified
•Gear for your climb
•Items of personal nature
•Additional nights beyond the two standard hotel nights included
•Emergency oxygen

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Tanzania Named Top African Safari Destination by Global Customer Analysis

TANZANIA, AFRICA–An analysis of 2,500 reviews by both tourists and expert travelers declared Tanzania the best place to experience an African safari. This is the second time visitors have chosen Tanzania for this top position, as it also was the highest rated country in a survey back in 2013.

 Third-party booking site conducted both reports, finding that customers from around the world were most enthusiastic about safaris in Tanzania. And with the range of ages and variety of homelands of the adventurers who visit the country with Zara Tours, such a consensus is even more compelling

  Many of the people who visit through Zara Tours find that one of the best things about Tanzania is the variety of possible adventures and the richness of each experience. Combination packages are popular among fierce adventurers who want to climb a mountain and go on safari; lay on beaches and shop in Addis Ababa. The opportunity to take multiple vacations and make the most of time away is real here in Tanzania.

 The same study by also discovered that Tanzania’s incredible wild spaces were an ideal spot for viewing wildlife, making it the best country to visit for the purpose of seeing Africa’s one-of-a-kind animals, as well.

 For more information about Zara Tours, contact:

ZARA TOURS, founded in 1987, is Tanzania’s unrivaled No 1 Kilimanjaro trekking company and one of the largest safari operators in the region. Zara Tours organize full-service travel experiences in Tanzania; and provides various choices of safaris, and climbs of Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru, and expeditions in Zanzibar. Zara Tours own and operates two hotels, two lodges and four tented camps in the northern circuit of Tanzania. Zara Tours provide airport transfer, city-to-city transfer, VIP and regular tour services, to groups and corporations from all over the world. Zara offers additional experiences in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Ethiopia. The company owns 102, 4×4 Land Rovers, 4×4 mini buses, and 4×4 Land Cruisers (all equipped with viewing roofs). The company’s 88 registered Kilimanjaro tour guides speak English, German, French, and Spanish. ZARA TOURS also runs ZARA Charity, which plays a vital role in the local community by supporting vulnerable groups such as orphans, the Maasai women’s group, and more.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Top 100 African Women in Tourism

TOP 100 African Women in Tourism, please Nominate Ms. Zainab Ansell by sending a short paragraph to ( telling her story in Tourism Business and how you come to know her, Zara charity and its projects, Zara Tours, Zara Properties, Tanzania Wildcamps and all the successful things you may think Zainab has achieved.,,

Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Mountain Man of Yardley is at it again!

 At 80, Werner Berger is climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, for the 7th time. Why? He says, “To celebrate my birthday at the top on July 16, and, of more importance, to inspire individuals of all ages to live their lives with greater Passion, Purpose, Health, and Fulfillment.” He then adds, “This is the launch of ‘Quest736, The Game is not Over (seven summits, seven continents in thirty-six (36) months).’”
We immediately wanted to ask, “What is that all about,” yet checked in with him, in anticipation of your question, “Who the heck is this guy?”.
Well, he is one of your neighbors; a Part-Time Bucks County resident and a Guinness World Records holder as the oldest person on earth to have climbed the seven summits; the highest mountain on each of the seven continents, including Mt. Everest. We asked him, “Why the heck would you be climbing at your age and planning to re-climbing the seven?” His casual response, “Because I love doing it and to inspire others to live their lives “out loud.””
What we found fascinating, at age 57, he dreamt up a challenge for himself. His Bucket List included hiking to Mr. Everest Base Camp, hiking to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro and climbing the Matterhorn. Never did he even think any of this would come to pass.
We have all heard the phrase, “Careful what you wish for.” Well, in Berger’s case he got what he wished for and more. “Did you ever think you’d one day be standing on the top of Mt. Everest.” His instant reply, “No never.” He then followed up with, “At least, not until I had climbed a few of the higher continental points. Only then did the 7-Summits jumped to mind. “

" How old were you when that happened?” He calmly answered, “65.” “And, how old were you when you climbed Mt. Everest?” 69. And now, 10 years he is stepping out to re-climb the seven summits, with Kilimanjaro as the first and all within the next thirty-six (36) months
“What does living your life out loud mean to you?” His response includes re-awakening your adventurous spirit, overcoming the “I can’t do this or that syndrome,” reconnecting with yourself in a meaningful manner – by finding that zest for life we all had as unencumbered children and becoming the leader we were all meant to be – re-bonding with nature and re-discovering the true meaning of “awe?”
He leaves on July 6 for Africa and will be standing onto of the African continent on the morning of his 80th birthday.

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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Zara Tours Celebrating 30 years of service in Africa

It’s hard to believe that so much time has passed so quickly, but when we stop and look back at the calendar, it’s 30 years and counting.

Zara Tours can bring you everywhere in Tanzania – from the endless plains of the Serengeti to the Roof of Africa “ Mt. Kilimanjaro” down to the Islands of Zanzibar. We have more than 30 years of experience as a qualified climbing guide, hospitality accommodation and Safari tour operator in Tanzania and East Africa. We currently employ more than 80 registered English, Spanish, Russia, France and Germany speaking Guides.